Are Specsavers audiologists currently open for new NHS referrals?

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ooooweee Wed 27-May-20 19:36:33


My referral finally came through just at the start of lockdown, and obviously there's been no appointments on the NHS referral website.

However, I managed to get an appointment for today at Specsavers, but when I went, they told me it was a mistake and the audiologist wasn't working today.

The system has let me rebook for next week, at a different Specsavers. I rang that branch but they weren't really sure whether the audiologist will be doing new referrals or just repairs.

I can obviously wait if I need to, but having come to terms with probably needing hearing aids in my 40's I don't want to have to keep building myself up to an appointment, if it's not going to happen yet!

Anyone know?


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