Any opthamologists/GPs? Burning, hot sensation on eye edge

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2020again Wed 27-May-20 19:27:50

Hello. I’m hoping for some eye advice. We have been shielding for the last 13 weeks because I have a disabled child so I’m keen not to go to an optician or GP/medical alternative unless really necessary but I definitely have something wrong with my eye which started yesterday.

There is a “chance” that I got some Eurax hd (hydrocortisone cream) on/in my eye (I have checked the contraindications of this and I do not have vision distortion). I do not recall doing this but I do not know what else I might have done.

One of my eyes has a hot, burning sensation – not on the eyeball (like conjunctivitis or similar) but almost on the outside - I think in the crease which is very uncomfortable. It started yesterday night but eventually I fell asleep and it seemed to be ok in the morning. It started again late morning which made me worry that I still had cream on me ( which I did n’t). I splashed out with saline and it seems to calm down for a couple of hours but it is back again. It definitely feels hot and burning and I think my eyes are now generally agitated. MY DH has had a look and can’t see anything wrong with it and I’m thinking it could possibly be on the inside but even then nothing looks wrong. I should add I am normally a contact lens user but have kept them out today.

Are there any opticians or similar on here that could advise? Shall I just keep using saline solution or something else? As I said nothing to see with layman's eyes but shall I go to optician or GP? Thank you.

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