Sore Armpit

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babychange12 Wed 27-May-20 21:50:44

Please go to the gp and get their opinion

GindependantWoman Wed 27-May-20 21:12:14

Are you sure no lumps or bumps?

It could be exercise related but then more of you would hurt equally.

Call the doctors. It's what they're there for. You font need to feel bad.

pinksoda35 Wed 27-May-20 17:26:48

I know MN can be very helpful across these boards so I thought I would ask what your opinions/experience of this is?
For at least 4 months now my right armpit aches-it is not all the time-it can go away for weeks at a time.
The pain feels like I have a scratch or something and my clothing is rubbing IYKWIM?
Except there is nothing there,no bumps under the skin,no rash or redness-Nothing! and I do not wear sleeves(I live in vest tops)
I tried not shaving for a while, stopped using sprays but the ache always comes back, some days its there all day, other days it comes and goes, and again some times goes for days/weeks
I am at a lost what it could be..Of course Google says Cancer( I have checked my breasts and nothing there also)
I do work out regularly with weights-could it be muscle related?
Thank you in advance
I do not want to trouble my GP with this especially now!!!!!
So any theories would be great

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