Prolapse? Oh god....

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sarahC40 Sun 24-May-20 22:52:47

I think that I have a prolapse. Stuff doesn’t feel right down there and on investigation (tmi) I pushed something back and have now acknowledged to myself finally that things are a bit fucked in there. So now what? I’m not in pain; not losing control of my bladder beyond the odd rush at the end of a school day; not very happy. I’m perimenopausal and overweight by about two stone (doing something about that). Can anyone please tell me what lies ahead?

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whattodo2019 Sun 24-May-20 23:38:36

I'm in the same boat... I'm quite worried as I've heard the mesh survey which is sometimes used has awful results...

sarahC40 Mon 25-May-20 00:30:33

That’s what I just scared myself silly with...sorry to hear that you’ve got this too. It’s shit.

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AnnaFiveTowns Mon 25-May-20 01:02:12

Don't panic. I have prolapse (uterus) It started about 5 years ago after I'd been bouncing on the kids' trampoline. I went to the drs at the time in a big panic but the nurse said it all looked okay - i knew it wasn't. I then ended up seeing a gynocologist about something unrelated and told her that i thought Id got a prolapse and she just said that as i was 45 and had had two natural births then it's highly likely i have one; most women in of my age who've had kids will have some degree of prolapse. She didnt even bother to examine me. She said that surgery is a last resort and not always successful. Its a bit uncomfortable sometimes but ive just learnt to live with it. Last time i went for a smear the nurse told me I had a prolapse and referred me to the physio. So i had a session with her and she gave me exercises to do which i didnt carry on with. I know I can't run anymore and i avoid lifting heavy weights. It's more annoying than anything else. Since lockdown I've started to do pilates for women with a prolapse and it feels much better. My SIL also has one but said that through exercise and building up her core hers has gone. They do tend to come and go a bit sometimes. It will depend on what is prolapsed though too. Is it bladder, bowel or uterus do yoy think?

AntiHop Mon 25-May-20 02:04:06

I've had one for a few years. As it includes my back passage, I take movicol to avoid constipation. I saw a physio for exercises and advice on emptying my bladder. It hasn't bothered me too much.

sarahC40 Mon 25-May-20 13:11:40

Ah you’ve made me feel so much better! Think it’s bladder. I had a smear last year and nurse didn’t mention anything. I’ve a personal trainer friend who’s busy designing me a programme and she’ll kick my arse. Also tmi get quite constipated so loads of water and will get some movicol so I don’t strain too much. Ah thanks for being positive - felt quite despondent yesterday - heading for 48, fed up and this. Have been for a long walk in the sun and am feeling ok so cheers!

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Astrabees Wed 27-May-20 11:11:24

A women's health phisio is what you need. I saw one when my GP said I had the typical prolapse of a woman who had had two two
children and I had a little incontinence when running or horseriding. it all went very well, she had a real sense of humour and was evangelical about pelvic floor exercises done the proper way and after 3 months of doing them religiously I was cured. She told me 80% of people with this problem are greatly improved by the exercises and even the very elderly get results. You do need to see the phisio for detailed instruction and advice but I'm so pleased i did this rather than assume some sort of medical intervention was required.


sarahC40 Thu 28-May-20 00:06:44

Thanks going to investigate it ASAP and will be fervent about pelvic floor exercises. Really appreciate your advice.

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Seaweed42 Thu 28-May-20 22:18:28

You need to be very careful about what type of exercise you do. Steer clear of sit ups or running or anything like hundreds in pilates as that puts downward pressure on the pelvic floor. I had a repair done (simple stitching no mesh) and it has improved things hugely. Mine was bladder and could be felt externally on some days. The proper physio is the place to start.

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