Should I go to the doctor with this - bruise on base of toe

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SMJYellow Sun 24-May-20 13:05:46

I was changing my socks this morning and I noticed a bruise on the base of my big toe. I don't remember bashing my feet or hurting them. I do a lot of walking. My shoes are comfortable and they don't let the rain in. I attached a picture. As shown in the picture, there's also a little section of red. I drew a black circle around that. That section of red has been there for some time but it never bothered me. The bruise is circled in blue. The bruise is new.

I do have an ingrown toenail on that toe. I don't think it's infected. I tried squeezing the toe but nothing is coming out. I bath the foot regularly and I pry the nail up and the ingrown toenail is slowly correctly itself. I don't have a fever so I don't know if there's a bacterial infection.

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SMJYellow Sun 24-May-20 14:44:10

Here is another picture in case the first picture wasn't clear

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SMJYellow Sun 24-May-20 14:49:30

I just noticed this bruising today. I had a foot bath last Sunday. I definitely would have noticed something then if it was there.

I'm trying to lose weight and I'm walking. I usually aim for about 10,000 steps a day. Sometimes I get a little bit more done. Last Tuesday I ended up getting 22,000 steps done in the day from walking.

Would walking do this?

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Hawkin Sun 24-May-20 14:52:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gamerchick Sun 24-May-20 14:55:26

What do you think it is if you believe you need to see a GP? It wouldn't cross my mind.

bloated1977 Sun 24-May-20 14:56:03

Honestly looks like nothing to me! Sorry to say but are you usually this anxious about little things like this? Unless it's broken then I doubt anything can be done and even then I'm not sure the doctor could do much. It doesn't look infected and theses no obvious wound. I'm always bruising myself and can never remember how it's been done!

SMJYellow Sun 24-May-20 14:56:34

I don't know why that bruise is there. I didn't drop anything on my foot. I'm paranoid if there's an infection within the foot and hopefully I'm wrong.

I don't understand why walking would do this. I've spent all my life walking. I was walking on an uneven road surface like gravel and stones so maybe it was that. It was a bit of a rocky walk.

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Hawkin Sun 24-May-20 14:58:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gamerchick Sun 24-May-20 14:59:18

Most of us get a random bruise we don't remember making. Our brain dismisses it before it really takes hold. Especially if we're busy at the time.

Tbh, if there was an infection you would probably be in a fair bit of pain rather than puzzling over some random bruise.

shinybells Sun 24-May-20 15:00:56

Looks fine to me. Pop some arnica on it if you want.

EmmaC78 Sun 24-May-20 15:03:19

Looks nothing serious to me, I often get random bruises. Walking probably could do that if your shows have been rubbing or don't fit that well. GP's would be overrun if everyone went every time they get a bruise. I am not sure what a doctor could even say apart from use arnica and keep an eye on it.

SMJYellow Sun 24-May-20 15:08:59

Thank you so much for all the replies and for putting my mind at ease. When I find something wrong out of the ordinary, sometimes I don't know what to do if its a situation for a doctor or not.

Sometimes I do get a little bit of pain, around that red site and it does feel like a deep pain. It happens when I'm walking. When the toes bend while walking. It's not a tremendous pain. It's a dull ache. I can push by it and that's about it.

I will source some arnica and keep an eye on it and thank you so much for putting my mind at ease.

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olympicsrock Sun 24-May-20 15:24:01

No you don’t need to see a doctor . These things happen. Sometimes there is no explanation. It’s a one off and you are not in significant pain. There is no infection in your foot.

olympicsrock Sun 24-May-20 15:24:48

Sounds like you need to lay off the walking for a bit.

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