What if my baby vomits whilst I'm not with her?

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Woodlandwalks Sun 24-May-20 08:41:12

My daughter is 9 weeks and has reflux. She spits up regularly but occasionally she will vomit what can only be the entire contents of her stomach, the amount just looks enormous. It happens maybe once a week or so and so far I've always been right there when it has so can make sure if she's lying down I can pick her up to help make sure all the vomit comes out. But I'm so scared that it might happen when I'm not with her, if I've just gone into the other room for just a minute or in the shower. Will she not choke on that amount of vomit if I'm not there to help her?

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Joffrey Sun 24-May-20 08:47:04

Can you take her into the bathroom with you? On a mat or bouncy chair?

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