Bulls eye rash

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MiniMum97 Sat 23-May-20 14:33:11

I am allergic to mosi bites and used to get bitten ferociously but very rarely get bitten now. When I do I get an immediate red bite that I usually notice in the morning. Then usually it gradually spreads and gets much bigger often with a lighter red ring around the outside and I get a blister on top of the bite.

So on Wednesday I was sitting outside all evening until late. Thursday morning woke up to what looked like two mosi bites close together near my elbow. They were fine most if the day. Not itchy. Then they started to get much bigger and a bit itchier. Yesterday very pussy and blister on top and were leaking puss (lovely). Had to put in a this an due to itching. By last night I noticed it was very big with big lighter red ring around it. Oh it also went very hard yesterday.Put on aloe Vera and surgical spirit.

Anyway looks much better this morning except that it now the lighter red part has turned into a bullseye type rash so is now a ring around the bite instead if a red area.

Is there any possibility this could be a tick bite? It's followed my normal pattern except it's been less itchy and now this bullseye rash.

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MiniMum97 Sat 23-May-20 14:46:54

Here's a pic.

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MiniMum97 Sat 23-May-20 14:51:10

It's a lot redder then that irl

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