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Question about pill and headaches?

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lucylala Wed 19-Sep-07 23:30:16

Just wondered if anyone could help me with this.

I've been on same pill since I was 18 with no problems at all. Came off it to have baby 1 (then back on ) off it again to have baby 2 and then back on it about 6months ago.

During the last 6mths I keep getting really bad headaches, there's no real pattern to them, although they are at their worst on first day of period and then dissapear again. Sometimes they last a couple of hours, sometimes they last all day but nothing in particular seems to set them off or make them go away (painkillers help)

I've never really been a headachey person and as I said never had any problems with pill but I can only think that maybe it's the pill causing them.

Anyone had this kind of experience with headaches and pill? If it is the pill, might it be worth changing brand of pill or is that it and pill doesn't suit me anymore?

Obviously, am going to speak to doc about it but just wondered if anyone else had any ideas.


Roskva Wed 19-Sep-07 23:41:05

I used to get at least one migraine a month. I was taking the pill at the time, but put the migraines down to work stress. I then moved house, changed job, and a couple of months later stopped the pill and the headaches stopped. I put it down to lifestyle change. After dd was born, I started taking the pill again, and, lo and behold, the migraines started again. Changed to mini pill and the migraines stopped but I got other horrid side effects, namely being so desperately, horribly, nauseatingly tired. I've now given up on synthetic hormones.

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