Pain on upper left near belly button

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Justtheoneplease Thu 21-May-20 15:34:07

I know I probably need to call or see a doctor but with everything as it is I don't know what to do.
I'm late 50's. Female post menopause. Had my gallbladder removed about 10 years ago.
For the last few weeks have had a weird pain/discomfort just above my belly button on the upper left side. My tummy is very bloated.
I've googled and frightened the life out of myself.
I don't know what it is. Feels tender like inflamed, no lump as far as I can tell.
Petrified it might be cancer sad

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Justtheoneplease Thu 21-May-20 23:13:26


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justasking111 Thu 21-May-20 23:23:56

Please make an appointment to see your gp tomorrow, they will be able to put your mind at rest or set the ball rolling. I had to see gp this week, mastitis got a nasty infection. It is annoying that our female bits still continue to play up post menopause. I am now on disgusting tasting high dose antibiotics to clear up my problem.

I naively thought that female problems were behind me, it seems not. Grrr....

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