Painful boobs every month

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Bobbybobbins Thu 21-May-20 14:24:26

For context - I am 41, have had two children.

Every month I am getting really sore and swollen boobs for about 2 weeks. I know it is hormonal and linked to my period. On the day my period starts, the pain goes.

However I have not had this before. It seems excessive to be in pain for half the month! Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there is anything I can do to help? Don't really want to be taking painkillers every day for it.

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Youngatharte Thu 21-May-20 15:01:45

If they’re that sore that it’s impacting you and causing you to take painkillers, see the GP

HarrysMummy17 Thu 21-May-20 17:31:03

Op I've just posted the exact post!
I'm 38 with 2 children.
My pain is very tender today and according to my cycle I'm around the time of ovulation.
It's only been happening the last 3/4 months

wonderstuff Thu 21-May-20 17:37:56

Mine are sore from the day I ovulate to my period. I'm 40, they've always been like this but until I conceived my daughter 12 years ago I didn't ovulate every month, I always got my period but months I didn't ovulate I didn't get sore boobs.
Does seem worse over recent years.

I did a lot of internet searching recently and couldn't find any answers.

wilmawebb Thu 21-May-20 17:38:21

Do you drink coffee? I had this problem but I read somewhere there was a link between pre menstrual breast pain and coffee so I stopped drinking it and it really helped.

wonderstuff Thu 21-May-20 17:49:50

I think I'd rather have sore boobs than give up coffee!

Macaroni46 Thu 21-May-20 21:47:02

I get this regularly too and have suffered with it on and off since I was in my late teens (late 40s now). Some months I get nothing, others just slight tenderness for a few days and then when it's a bad month, it can be up to 2 weeks. The pain doesn't ease until the third day of my period (so I have period pain and sore boobs at the same time!) and now that my cycle has got shorter, if it's a really bad month I can spend more of the month with sore boobs than not. Recently, I literally only had just over a week with non-painful breasts.
I've tried all sorts including several visits to the doctors but tbh nothing really helps.
It's grim and it's miserable and it's a difficult thing to talk about! I've tried water retention tablets, various vitamins, naproxen prescribed by doctor (didn't help), drinking lots of water, evening primrose oil, zinc, etc, etc. Nothing helps.
Wish I had some answers. Am hoping some will come on here.
I already don't drink coffee so dread to think what they'd be like if I did!


Macaroni46 Thu 21-May-20 21:48:55

It can be so bad that I wear a bra with the straps pulled up really high night and day and the thought of having a shower makes me wince.
Im hoping once I'm post menopausal it'll will stop.

Bobbybobbins Thu 21-May-20 22:25:10

It's interesting (and reassuring) that I'm not the only one. I feel like there probably isn't any treatment. It has definitely got worse as I've got older. I wonder if it is related to me putting on a bit of weight. And hormonal changes.

Same as a pp I've recently had months where I've had a week or two pain free. Taking my bra off at night is painful.

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Reversiblesequinsforadults Thu 21-May-20 22:27:52

Try Agnus castus. It really helps. Lots of proper scientific research supporting it and it helps me. No side effects.

fatbottomgirl67 Thu 21-May-20 22:32:15

I had the same thing
My Dr recommended oil of evening primrose. 1000mg tablets once a day. Thought she was bonkers but tried it. Took about a month to kick in but bloody brilliant. Give it a try, had to be super strength ones. Makes my hair shine too

Nonagoninfinity Thu 21-May-20 22:32:44

I went on a low calorie diet last year and reduced my sugar and alcohol intake. I noticed after a while I no longer had sore boobs. In lockdown my eating and drinking habits haven't been as good and my boobs are really sore and swollen this month. I'm going to try and get back to my healthier habits and hope it makes a difference! It's not pleasant.

Staywithmemyblood Thu 21-May-20 22:56:56

Another vote for evening primrose oil 1000mg - it really does work 👍🏻

Macaroni46 Thu 21-May-20 23:51:03

I'm going to try the Agnus Castus.
I take evening primrose daily but recently it has stopped working. Sometimes I feel like it's just one of those things I have to put up with.
However it is noticeable that alcohol affects it. I'm always worse after Christmas or a holiday.

Bobbybobbins Fri 22-May-20 08:28:44

Thanks - some good tips to try here!

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bobbythejobby Fri 22-May-20 09:47:54

I'm 33, no children, but have had this on and off since my late 20s. Some months I get no pain, other months it lasts for a week or longer and is genuinely quite painful - on the painful months even DH hugging me is painful on my boobs. I second the evening primrose, I started taking it six months or so ago as my hormones were playing havoc with my skin around my periods, PMS and bad moods, sore boobs etc. Don't know if it's a coincidence or not (I like to think not) but since starting the evening primrose I haven't had any sore boobs and my skin looks amazing. Maybe worth a try? I'd see your GP too though if it's really bothering you.

bluefoxmug Fri 22-May-20 09:51:44

agree with the coffee, esp instant. 'real' coffee doesn't affect me as much.

Runkle Fri 22-May-20 10:04:12

I've had this and Dr recommended evening primrose oil.

Roselilly36 Fri 22-May-20 10:14:19

I am exactly the same, I read about Evening Primrose oil 1000mg, it has really helped me.

NooneElseIsSingingMySong Fri 22-May-20 10:30:10

I’ve struggled with this. My friend recommended taking a magnesium supplement at bedtime, it’s really helped. It also helps me sleep better.

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