Perineal tear problems 7 months on?

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maudementen19 Thu 21-May-20 11:31:13

Hello everyone!

So I had a baby in October last year, vaginal delivery, and had a second-degree tear that was stitched up. A few days later the stitches fell apart, the wound was infected and I started antibiotics. After about 8 weeks, me and my other half had sex, there was a lot of blood and low and behold the area became infected again. I was put on antibiotics once more and thought the area had healed. Until last week, I went out for a walk and was uncomfortable in that area, went to the toilet for a wee and saw blood in the toilet, and when checking its definitely from the same area. Does anyone else have a perineal wound that is still causing problems even after this long? I spoke to a Dr this morning who seems to think its haemorrhoids but it definitely isn't. She's discussing whether to bring me in to have a look at the area, but until then I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on it. Sorry for the long message! Getting so frustrated with it! And really can't understand why it isn't healing properly

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