What is it called when you're not registered with a GP so your records are centralised?

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Leicester5 Thu 21-May-20 02:05:52

I moved from an area several years ago but my hospital records from recently can't be found from new GP.

I assume they have been parked in a central database?

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Musicaltheatremum Thu 21-May-20 12:34:15

GPs don't get the hospital records. We just get the discharge letters which are sent to us and stored in our document storage software which links to your record.
If you mean all the hospital letters that were in your old GP records then they are usually extracted electronically by the original health board (I'm Scotland) and either transferred direct to the new GP if same area or on to the new health board who then transfers it to the GP. In England many GPs are complaining as records are taking months and months to transfer due to the incompetence of the company doing it (Capita) your GP surgery may need to go back to the old GP surgery to try and sort it out. Good luck

Leicester5 Thu 21-May-20 12:41:48

Oh dear - I had a call about an A&E admission not showing. I'm seeing temp surgery next week for F2F appointment so will ask then. I'm in a different area for lockdown but need them to have hospital results.

Thank you for info and good luck message!

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Musicaltheatremum Thu 21-May-20 15:44:07

Ah you're a Temporary resident at the new GP surgery. The a&e record will have gone to your registered GP
1. Phone a&e and ask for the paperwork to go to New GP...they might do it ...or 2. phone your old GP and ask if they can send it to the temporary GP. If you get the email address of temp GP then your notes can be emailed over. (Has to be NHS email to NHS email as they are more secure.

ArnoldBee Thu 21-May-20 16:08:09

There is no centralised computer system as the plans for it were ditched in 2010 as it was deemed too expensive during austerity. Now you have lots of GPs with different computer systems.

Leicester5 Thu 21-May-20 16:24:56

Oh - this might be a problem as I was deregistered with permanent GP few years back due to moving.

Didn't need GP until last year when I was hospitalised so registered temporary patient with friend I was staying with. They wanted me to have further blood tests after a period of time so I've tried to register as temporary patient in new area for lockdown and get this done but I just assumed they'd be able to access full records.

Looks like I may have a devil of a time trying to scoop them all back together. I know exact date of hospital admission so think temp GP should be able to get hold of them.

God this is all confusing. I know the two markers which they need to look for. Hopefully temp GP can help next week.

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