anyone on hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

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littlegreener Wed 20-May-20 07:08:30

Hi ladies, late 40s here and facing a choice between HRT or hysterectomy, with keeping the ovaries to avoid immediate menopause. Quite scared of surgery, just don't like the idea of a major surgery with a long recovery time, especially in summer and if we are still in lockdown, will be such a nightmare at home...but equally really worried HRT will come with a big price and side effects, mainly worried about possible weight gain but not sure what else to expect.

For HRT, I will be given an injection first which switches-off the ovaries, then simultaneously go on the HRT every month or every 3 months.

Is anyone here chose to go with HRT in lieu of surgery? My biggest worry is that once the injection shuts down the ovaries it is irreversible, and if I do end up with hysterectomy after all (if HRT did not ease my pain), I will no longer have the option to keep my ovaries as they will be dysfunctional at this stage i guess (??). If this happens, I will end up with HRT anyway or have to face the sudden shock of menopause?

I find the whole thing quite stressful, would really appreciate anything you can share which can help with my decision, I will need to go one way or the other real soon.. sad Thanks so much!!

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rosie39forever Wed 20-May-20 17:26:29

I faced a similar choice 4 years ago, anemia inducing periods because of fibroids and peri menopause. I chose a mirena coil which has been wonderful, completely stopped my periods and not had one since. 3 years ago menopause Symptoms kicked in with a vengeance, insomnia, 40+ hot flushes a day , night sweats to name a few, I put off taking HRT for 12 months which was crazy.
I reluctantly decided to use oestrogen patches and my god they are life changing I feel amazing... better than I did in my 30s (I'm now 50).
I intend to use them for as long as possible.
Do some research, look at menopause matters website, if you do decide to try HRT and it doesn't suit then you can stop. There are so many different types of HRT you can try with different risks and in your 40s it's incredibly safe.

littlegreener Thu 21-May-20 21:24:57

bumping up.. anyone?

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TheSmelliestHouse Thu 21-May-20 21:34:09

I have mirena coil also, to stop ridiculous periods that left me anaemic and housebound, plus oestrogen only hrt. Fab. Tried no hrt for about 18 months, seemed like a good idea at the time. HRT is good for me.
Not sure if that's any use to you as you're facing a very different decision, good luck.

TwatCat Thu 21-May-20 21:35:12

I had a hysterectomy in October. Radical hysterectomy, they took the lot, ovaries and all. I'm 38 and on HRT patches.

No side effects of the patches at all. I've been great. I feel amazing and not had a single hot flush. There's days where I have forgotten to put a patch on and it hasn't changed how I'm feeling or anything.

Surgery was great, I was only in hospital for one night and was up and walking about the morning after. Two weeks post surgery I didn't even need any painkillers and I was taking loads beforehand for endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

Best decision I ever made.

littlegreener Thu 21-May-20 22:30:13

thanks everyone, so good to hear some positive things either way.

My problem is not so much linked to the classic menopause symptoms but rather started from a complication following an Ablation procedure. (Warning! Long story ahead..) Prior to this, I had sterilisation clips put in, about 3 years ago, which is when I first experiencing sever pain (which may or may not had anything to do with the clips - no one knows for sure). Later I was advised to have an ablation to stop the pain and following an MRI was also told suspicion for endometriosis on left ovary. After the Ablation my pain became even worse and actually changed sides confused . The latest diagnosis is actually Adenomiyosis. Clips where removed at some point to eliminate them being the source of pain. Now I have agonising pain on one side mainly with shooting pain down my upper thighs every month for a few days just before and during my period. Due to the ablation i hardy see any bleeding externally but apparently it is tapped inside which may be the cause of pain. Sorry, I appreciate this is really complicated to follow and so confusing.. its been absolute nightmare explaining it all to consultant.. the whole history is documented in so many letters!
@rosie39forever, thanks you and also PM you..
@TheSmelliestHouse so pleased it worked for you. There is hope.
@TwatCat, can I ask what type of surgery was it? my consultant recommended laparoscopic hysterectomy which is less invasive.

If I do go with surgery, does anyone know/had experience with Dr Ertan Saridogan from uclh or the Portland Hospital in relation to hysterectomy or HRT?

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littlegreener Thu 21-May-20 22:36:00

@TwatCat forgot to mention I also live on painkillers for the same reasons. I hate the feeling being depended on it. Makes me feel like a junky sad. Very happy for you and hope you are now fully recovered. Encouraging for going with surgery.

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