Weird Period!!

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PinkBlossom33 Tue 19-May-20 17:18:46


I wondered if anyone can help and put my mind at rest. Me and my husband have been TTC (1st month). My period was 2 days late but then I came on properly on Tuesday and over the weekend it became lighter and I thought had pretty much stopped yesterday (just a bit of blood when I wiped - sorry TMI). But then yesterday evening I got period pains (I do normally get pains 3 days into my period but I did think it was odd as I thought period had finished). Anyway when I went to the toilet I had bled heavily (bright red blood) and there was this horrible fleshy, soft, white tissue in it (I assumed it was part of the lining of my uterus). Again I'm really sorry for TMI but its really freaked me out as I haven't anything like it before. I don't know if its just a normal thing or something I should be worried about? Has anyone else had anything similar?

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MrsLully Tue 19-May-20 17:34:43

You may have had a chemical pregnancy. Have you taken a pregnancy test?

PinkBlossom33 Tue 19-May-20 17:43:53

sad I took a clear blue early detection test the day after my period was due but it was negative. I thought I'd had some pregnancy symptoms leading up to my period but I could have been imagining it. My whole period had seemed weird this month though when it started it was really light for 2 and half days and I was hoping it was implantation bleeding but then it became heavier and just like my normal period. My period stopped and started again last month too but I didn't have the pain after it had stopped and the 'tissue' that I got this month.

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MrsLully Thu 21-May-20 18:21:30

I hope you are feeling better now! I just had something similar on our first month TTC and suspected that a chemical pregnancy might have been the case.
I hope you get you BFP soon, OP!

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