Anyone with Brain Injury? Or brain trauma?

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LokiLocks Mon 18-May-20 15:34:51

Posted on another health board but there was no action and just feeling a bit alone with this right now.

Just wondering if anyone else here has had a brain injury. I had mine well over a year ago now and just thought I would be recovered by now? Still have check ups but naively thought I would have made more progress by now.

I am a lot better than I was but thought now that I am into over a year of it, I would be almost fully recovered. Even though I've been told parts of the damage are permanent, just expected to be better by now?

How long before you started to feel fully better, if at all? Did you ever get to go fully back to the live you had or person you were? Thinking maybe this is just how it is now, in fairness it could be so much worse! Just wondering about other people experience.

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ltappleby Mon 18-May-20 19:22:59

I've been knocked out 4 times in my life as the result of accidents. The last time was the worst, I was in hospital with a broken pelvis and severe concussion.

That accident was 4 years ago and I think it probably took a good 2 years to feel that I was anywhere near back to normal. I had horrible permanent dizziness and brain fog for 14 months or so, and even now suffer from vestibular migraines occasionally. I still have trouble multi tasking and my memory isn't as good, so I don't think I'm exactly the person I used to be, but I'm certainly a lot better than a the beginning.

I really think you'll continue to improve over the next year or so - it's a slow process unfortunately!

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