FIL anaemia needs colonoscopy

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worriedtoday Mon 18-May-20 12:12:19

Name change for this but only because it's personal. My Step dad (not FIL as I typed in error in title) has been tested for heart failure- breathless, wheezing, at first thought to be chest infection. He's got an irregular heart rhythm discovered as part of the investigation. His heart scan was ok. No surgery needed. But They want to put him on blood thinners. However his bloods came back , pre lockdown, as anaemic. He was sent for colonoscopy and endoscopy twice because of this but each time his BP was too high and considered too risky to proceed. He had done all the prep drink/ clear out. He got called again during lockdown but was cancelled but they've now called and said it needs doing urgently. I suffer with health anxiety and lost dad to cancer and mum just finished her cancer treatment and with all this lockdown my anxiety is in overdrive. What's the reason for the up/ down investigation. Google just tells me cancer 😫and that's all my eyes can see. He is on a lot of painkillers due to a serious car accident which has left him in a lot of pain. Can anyone share experience or just give me a hand hold that it might not be leading to more horrendous news. He feels ok in himself currently but my mum is very much an ostrich. I pushed her to get more bloods done to keep an eye on the levels but she hasn't. This is the woman who went to 5 stone before conceding she might be ill and need to push for more tests though...she will not go to GP again with him as she says he's fine ...and breathe...
My heart is pounding and sweaty hands. I know it's my anxiety but it's good to write it out

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missyB1 Mon 18-May-20 12:19:08

Well yes they will be looking for cancer - as well as anything else that can cause blood loss / anemia. sometimes there are polyps or other conditions. How old is he?

worriedtoday Mon 18-May-20 12:43:09

72. I know you're right. I guess I'm fretting as most scans/ tests have meant the start of a rollercoaster of illness. I lost my dad to cancer too so I'm on high alert for another shitty time

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worriedtoday Mon 18-May-20 12:55:57

And thanks for replying. I appreciate the honesty and actually can start to think straight now. Can't do anything to help like drive him there etc so feel useless.

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Toomboom Mon 18-May-20 13:03:43

I went through this last year, bloods came back showing anemia, so I was fast tracked on the two week wait.
I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy along with biopsies. They didn't find anything apart from diverticular disease.

So it doesn't mean it has to be cancer for your step dad. It is just something that have to rule out due to the anemia.
They never found out the cause of my anemia, I was just told that as I am over 60 it is unusual to have it.

I hope it works out as well for your step dad.

worriedtoday Mon 18-May-20 13:04:49

Thanks. Means a lot to read good stories too. I know what will be ak be and I also recognise my anxiety pattern. I'll have calmed down soon and these messages really help. Thanks

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HitthefloorforTaintedLove Mon 18-May-20 15:57:05

@worriedtoday sorry for the loss of your dad. 💐

SInce you said what will be will be, try to take this on board: your step dad either has cancer, or doesn't have cancer. At present all the tests can do is confirm it or rule it out. If the tests confirm it is cancer, doctors can look at what treatment is appropriate. If he doesn't have cancer hopefully they will find the cause and look at treatment for whatever he does have.

If he doesn't have the tests you (possibly including him and your mum) are all going to be worrying it's cancer anyway.

If it is cancer, you will find a way to cope, you know it wil be hard but you will. If it is cancer, it doesn't necessarily mean the same outcome as for your dad.
I'm replying because my DH was diagnosed with cancer after blood tests showed he was very anaemic, also breathless.
He is currently doing well after treatment.

PM me if you want to.


worriedtoday Mon 18-May-20 18:59:50

PM sent. Thank you

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