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timetobackout Mon 18-May-20 11:13:00

I'm not one to go around bashing politicians for not making the right decisions in these unique circumstances, but the response in Wales has truly been very poor, they have not even been able to get the basics right.
On the 23rd April the North Wales Health Board reported 84 deaths for the first time which was a whole month's worth of deaths.There had previously been suspicions about the under reporting of deaths but they had been waved away citing 'patient confidentiality issues'. Mark Drakeford said the whole system was being investigated so the government could confidently say the figures being reported were accurate. I would have thought being able to count how many people had died in just three hospitals every day was pretty basic stuff.

On Apr 3, Drakeford said they were aiming for 9000 tests a day with 5000 a day by the middle of April.
On Apr 19th he admitted it had not been good enough with daily figures of less than 1000. The farce continued when the Chief executive of Public Health Wales said she was ''not familiar'with the 9000 a day target despite saying she was closely working with the Welsh Government. So the CEO of PHW didn't know of the target she had been set a month previously.
They have been finally threw in the towel at the weekend when they joined the English scheme with much backtracking.

Another great decision this morning when they announced they had decided not to offer emergency fund scheme offered to zoos and aquariums in England. For god's sake the animals still have to be fed and cared for,with no income coming in what are the zoos supposed to do, put the animals to sleep perhaps?
The root of the problem is that the UK Gov is CON and Welsh Gov Is LAB, so anything Westminster proposes must be automatically gainsayed as per lockdown relaxations. I guarantee that if Labour was in charge in Westminster Drakeford would do whatever they say like a good little boy.so when he says he wants to work with Westminster it is barefaced hypocrisy.

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TeensArghhhh Mon 18-May-20 13:35:27

Drakeford is a twat! He has lost the little respect anyone may have had for him.

Elphame Mon 18-May-20 13:44:22

He's also done his best to hold back the grants for small self catering businesses.

He cares only for Cardiff - the rest of the country can go whistle. I just hope the electorate remember this in the next election

CoachBombay Mon 18-May-20 13:57:21

I'm Welsh, Drakeford and the WAG are a farce. Fake politicians, point scoring against a conservative government.

The whole assembly is a waste of time and money! Wales voted against becoming devolved, so to appease the nationalist they came up with the idea of a room of overpaid career politicians with no real power, like a plastic parliament.

Drakeford has been culycling to essential trips to his allotment, and chatting with others whilst telling us all to stay inside. He said care home deaths were basically irrelevant, has now spent a week changing guidelines such as opening up golf courses and meeting people outside for a socially distanced catch up.

They gave up on testing, can't get 3 bloody hospitals to give data....it's a farce.

And their guide for unlocking is disastrous because it just doesn't make any sense, let team sports and the hospitality sector open up in green zone but no contact with friends and family unless socially distanced 🤦🏻‍♀️

He's a twat. They all are.

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