Any dentists, hygienists, dental nurses? Swollen gum

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CloudNinePain Sat 16-May-20 20:24:41

Hi, around 10 days ago I started noticing the gum between two teeth was bleeding sometimes.

I continued brushing and flossing as usual, but yesterday started hurting. I called 111 and they put me in touch trough a dentist, who was lovely and said to try salt and water for a couple of days or call her again. She said I probably have some food stuck I wasn't able to remove through flossing.

Now it looks swollen, it hurts a lot. I don't want to waste her time, I will continue doing what she advised, but do you have any additional advice ? Anything, it's really painful.

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CloudNinePain Sun 17-May-20 10:35:15


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BERNICE63 Sun 17-May-20 13:15:01

Hello, You need to call Dentist back tomorrow...have been on 2 courses of different antibiotics for 3wks for prob which started Easter Monday!! Don't feel you are wasting anyone's time..Good Luck

cinnabuns Sun 17-May-20 13:25:52

I would call the dentist too. It's a bit tricky as they are technically closed but should advise you over the phone or prescribe if they need to. I'm with you, I'm also on my 3rd course of antibiotics which has now been extended as well. I'VE had a lot of input from a dentist on video call who is fairly certain wisdom tooth infection, it has eased but only really just beareable. Been weeks here too. Get in touch tho, I've had great service.

Talulahoopla Sun 17-May-20 13:58:01

I've had discomfort as opposed to pain with one particular tooth, gums also a bit painful to touch. Felt like it was swelling at times. Dentist said it sounds like an infection and gave me antibiotics to try. Three days in and feels much better so seems to be doing the trick. Worth a shot. Toothache is the worst and no sign of dentist opening any time soon.

MillyMollyMardy Sun 17-May-20 14:06:19

Cloud, get some Corsodyl gel from a chemist or supermarket and some very fine interdental brushes (they start from 04mm -TePe are the best known so orange or pink in this range) dip in the gel and and use it to clean between the teeth. You need to use the brush against side of both teeth and as high into the gumline as you can get it. There are lots of clips online if you can't visualise this. Do this first an last thing and after meals. If you aren't seeing an iprovmet or it's worsening call you dentist. They'll appreciate a photo if you can get a decent one.
Happy to comment if you want to post one here, there are lots of frustrated dentists lurking at the moment.

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