Knee advice wanted

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baldisbeautiful Sat 16-May-20 08:48:04

Morning! Got a knee problem and wondered if anyone else had a similar experience. Started C25K three weeks ago. All was going well until I felt a twinge in left knee (medial side at bottom of kneecap) so had to stop. Spoke to gp after three days as could not put any weight on it but no pain on bending. He (very quickly without asking how I'd done it) diagnosed tendinitis. No progress after a week so had a video call with a physio and she concurred with gp (said I had a dominant right side and therefore my left hip and pelvis had put pressure on knee) and gave me some exercises to do and said use a heat pack. Been following all her advice but still no progress after 16 days since injury. Anyone else had something similar? Was wondering how long before things improved? There is still a slight swelling but not too bad and no pain other than when bearing weight. Thanks all!

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