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does anybody know the signs of postnatal depression?????????

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omotunde Wed 19-Sep-07 01:25:32

i feel like i should just be in tears everytime. i had my DD 8 wks ago and it has being one thing after the other. if not MIL, is SIL,or DH. is like every one of them is making my life a living hell. my DD sleeps through the night and hardly cries but my MIL and SIL and DH are constantly on my back waiting to tell where i've gone wrong. i had to leave the house for 2 nights me and DH had row over the SIL he did not for once call to find out how the DDs were doing now i feel like i should just cry the life out of myself or sleep and never wake up again. i know this is not normal but could it be a sign for depression?

barefeete Wed 19-Sep-07 01:34:38

I had DD 6 months ago and have had PND for 2 months now. I have had a lot of tears, lots of anxiety over very normal day to day stuff. I feel very alone and very unable to cope with day to day trivia that life throws up.

Have you spoken to anyone about how you are feeling as that helped me loads at the beginning?

Haribosmum Wed 19-Sep-07 02:48:45

Omotunde you sound exactly like myself. I was diagnoses with PND 2 months after my ds2 was born (he is now 9 months). I was crying over every little thing and nothing seemed right. I was on ad's for a while but am now off them. Still feeling a little depressed though. I still feel like nothing I do for my children is right and my MIL and SIL's always seem to know a better way to do everything. Sometimes I feel so alone. My husband is such a mummys boy. Go and see your doctor or HV. Try and explain how you feel to you husband. You will get over this but it will be hard. Good luck!

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