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Mangofandangoo Wed 13-May-20 20:01:10

I'm thinking of getting Invisalign to straighten my teeth - my teeth are already fairly straight but there a few that are slightly crooked and it really affects my confidence.

Can anyone give me an honest review on Invisalign or any other alternatives (smile direct club etc)

Thanks star

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Southernemmy Thu 14-May-20 13:07:54

My daughter (14) has had Invisalign for 7 months and I have seen a massive difference even though her teeth weren’t that bad. She had them in full time but now wears one just at night. I think there may be a next step ... not quite sure...but can’t see the dentist at the mo. I’m a happy customer so far though! They can be a bit of a pain if you want to eat or drink whilst out and about but she just carried a toothbrush and paste around with her where possible.

LunaHardy Thu 14-May-20 13:13:48

I've currently got them, I'm a year into my 18 month course. Couldn't recommend them highly enough. My teeth are already loads straighter. They took a little while to get used to, bit of a faff having to take them out and brush after everything I eat or drink. But you do get used to it (plus it stops me snacking as I think it's not worth taking them out!)
The first day I had them put in I thought I had been punched in the mouth - I thought to myself I can't cope with this but after about 24 hours they were fine. Feel a little tender when changing to new set but I wouldn't say they're painful. The IPR doesn't hurt either, I was worried about that part!

Pinkyyy Thu 14-May-20 13:15:21

I'm also very interested in this. Would either of you mind sharing how much they cost?

Lellochip Thu 14-May-20 13:22:19

Which ones are crooked? If it's any of the front 6 (top or bottom) then another option to look into is the Inman aligner. It's more for cosmetic fixes to the front only, so much more limited in what it can fix compared to Invisalign or tradition braces, but if you're suitable it's great.

Mangofandangoo Thu 14-May-20 13:58:20

Thanks everyone for replying. It's the top and bottom 4, they aren't really wonky but I can definitely see it every time I look!

I'll have a look at the Inman aligner now 🙂

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LunaHardy Thu 14-May-20 20:28:50

@Pinkyyy mine were significantly discounted as I'm being a "guinea pig" if you like! Top and bottom, comprehensive package, £2900.


Hunnybears Thu 14-May-20 20:46:06

I had them about 9 years ago and whilst they did move my teeth, they weren’t as straight as I hoped or expected.

It was mainly my front one that was overlapping the other so not to big of a deal really.

I actually phoned the dentist when I was due the last sets of retainers to question whether there was more and she said no.

I was disappointed as you can imagine especially as they were so expensive.

They do move your teeth and make them look better (it stands to reason as anything would be an improvement) but imo it wasn’t worth the money I’m afraid.

If had my time again I’d consider fixed braces and maybe white coloured ones.

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