Foot injury - do I need to see someone?

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UnsureOfFuture Wed 13-May-20 03:18:12

Sorry all. I have pretty much zero medical know how. So this could be nothing.

Yesterday I stood up from sitting awkwardly and had pins and needles in my foot.

While walking across the room the numb foot obviously didn't get picked up properly and I twisted it or something putting weight awkwardly on the top of the foot.

It hurt badly for a moment. But then I carried on with my day and didn't think about it again.

Now it's 3am and the pain woke me about an hour ago (had been having dreams about sore feet)

Foot is throbbing and feels quite tender to touch. (But I can touch it) And hurts a lot to walk on it (but I can walk on it)

Guessing it's just a sprain/strain? If I'd have broken anything I wouldn't have had the fee painless hours afterwards, right?

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piperm Wed 13-May-20 03:20:58

I dunno much but adrenaline temporarily numbs pain so maybe, call ur doctor and describe everything

UnsureOfFuture Wed 13-May-20 03:23:49

Thanks for the fast reply. It's 3am here so hooong painkillers help me get back to sleep for now. (And if my husband would sleep more quietly!) angry

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outnumberedwoman Wed 13-May-20 03:25:44

You need an xray to be sure. Is it swollen anywhere? It could just be a soft tissue injury but this would also need examined to confirm.

Mnthrowaway20202 Wed 13-May-20 03:35:27

If there’s no swelling and the pain is manageable (ie can you walk?) I think your GP would advise you to carry out RICE, and call back if symptoms worsen. They probably wouldn’t see you in person due to covid & you’d be better off going to A&E instead anyway (so you can have an x ray). They may prescribe painkillers such as co codamol, but you can also buy this OTC.

Rest - try not to walk/stand much for the initial 72 hours
Ice - ice packs (Makeshift - frozen veg bag wrapped in towel), Deep Freeze cold spray/patches are good too
Compression - ankle supports
Elevation - prop it up above heart level eg with pillows

UnsureOfFuture Wed 13-May-20 03:48:30


I'm not inclined to rush to A&E or anything (not that I ever am. Avoid hospitals when I can!)

I don't have much to do the next few days. Can sew with my other foot I'm sure.

It's starting to feel better already from the ibuprofen so here's hoping I get some sleep now and I can look at it more in the morning.

The plus side is being awake at this time means I just got an Asda click and collect a slot for next week! grin

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Lalala205 Wed 13-May-20 04:33:02

I have 'shitty ankles', used to run/walk a lot miles and had nemerous twists/weak ligaments bruising/tear. Last time I had a slip on a wet floor I was using a crutch for 5wks (no bone break/official tear, which would have excused me at least from work during it 😒). RICE as pp suggested is best, also heat compression, Epsom salt baths, and ibroprofuen to help bring down the swelling.


Sakuse Fri 15-May-20 02:23:13

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