Threadworm/ pinworm

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Mustardfan Tue 12-May-20 18:12:24

Has anyone got any tips? I’m a mother of three, I’m the only one with symptoms. So itchy. I’ve treated us all with Ovex, my washing machine has been going all day and I’m hovering and dusting. I’m exhausted as I’ve also worked today. My kids are also hoovering and dusting. I treated just myself with Ovex last week, and the itchiness went away but has now come back.

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SedentaryCat Tue 12-May-20 18:17:11

Sorry you're suffering - we've all just had to take Ovex (thanks DS).

You'll need to take a follow up dose two weeks after the first one and hopefully this will cure it.

Are you cleaning door handles? Damp dusting everywhere? Hot washing the cleaning cloths, bedsheets, etc.

I hope you manage to get rid of them.

Mustardfan Tue 12-May-20 18:30:55

Do you think 40degrees hot enough? I put the sheets on at 60 degrees, but my 60 degree cycle is 3 hours long, and with four sets of sheets and towels, pajamas and clothes there aren’t enough hours in the day.

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Mustardfan Tue 12-May-20 20:12:10

I think I may have had threadworm for some time, and I’ve been wondering if there is any impact on your health beyond the discomfort?

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SedentaryCat Tue 12-May-20 20:36:17

Not sure about health impact - I know I feel less bloated now than I did a week or so ago. It's been a recurrent problem TBH ever since DS started school (he's in Y6 now!)

I'd say 60 degrees for a wash, but I feel your pain with the 3 hour wash cycle - it's endless.

Kelsoooo Tue 12-May-20 20:42:11

Can confirm no health impact

Try antihistamine cream for the itchiness (sorry)

Also, oily fish and nuts to help push them through.

(All doctor's advice after I mentioned we were on our fifth round in as many months - the nursery never changed the sand FFS)

Clarabel22 Tue 12-May-20 21:43:55

I went through this when kids were at primary school. It was endemic, always came back after treatment. Only way for us was to take weekly Ovex until they moved to secondary when it disappeared.
Re. washing, it is the agitation not the temperature that kills the eggs, so don't ruin your clothes unnecessarily. Use emollient to wash bum crack as this cleans the folds and wrinkles that normal soap doesn't. You think it will never go away (and internet tales will convince you this is the case) but it does. Having said all if that, my sister's kids got it (probably from us) and it went with one dose of Ovex never to return, so you might be lucky.

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