Bowel urgency - 16 month post partum; back to kegels?

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Whyismycatanasshat Sun 10-May-20 12:32:43

Seems I post about anything and everything these days.

I had my DD 16 months ago. Text book pregnancy and c section.

I had some bowel urgency in the weeks after birth; times when I had minutes to get to the loo. It improved as things healed and calmed down and everything down there was normal.

Over the last few months I seem to be regressing; it is particularly in the morning I seem to have the urgency to need to poo. This morning I felt like I had very trapped wind for 5 minutes and then I had to go. I couldn’t hold it.

I don’t seem to have the urgency in the afternoon. I can be aware I need to go for a lot longer.

My diet hasn’t changed dramatically at all. For example, breakfast is cereals and fruit juice.

It’s starting to bother me as I want to be able to take DD out in the morning without worrying about needing to get to a toilet if the urge strikes. I think the lockdown has made me more aware of it.

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iVampire Sun 10-May-20 13:17:56

If you have change in bowel habit that has lasted for over 3 weeks, you should contact your GP.

There are quite a few conditions which should be ruled out

Literallyfedup Sun 10-May-20 17:57:19

You should see a GP if it is a regular occurrence. Sometimes a bowel rest helps and recalibrates your system, so if you wish you can try that. Or you might have slight constipation in which case you are able to go daily but not able to clear out completely. Any residual stool in your colon causes extra wind and hence the urgency. Try drinking more water and spend a few more minutes on the toilet even after you had a BM. A slow system can also be caused by too much fiber in your diet.

Whyismycatanasshat Sun 10-May-20 19:02:32

Thanks for your replies.
I’m going to monitor what’s going on in the next week or so; maybe note the frequency; as I said I don’t know if lockdown (I’ve had a quieter week this week and particularly noticed) has made me more aware or if it’s started up during lockdown.
I have had sluggish bowels in the past.
Then if I can’t figure out the cause/rule out constipation I will ring my GP; not sure what they can do during this situation though.

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DDIJ Sun 10-May-20 19:08:49

See your GP and then see a women's health physiotherapist. In many areas you can self refer.

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