Producing milk when not pregnant

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Alb1 Sat 09-May-20 11:53:56

I noticed this right at the start of lockdown and just noticed it again today. Breast felt very full and I thought it was about to produce milk so I very briefly squeezed and a little milk came straight out. Youngest DC is 3 and I expressed milk for 9 months, nothing since. I’m not on any medication at all (including contraception, we use condoms), I have not missed any periods or been late and have had all normal period symptoms (cramps and headaches) so I’m sure I’m not pregnant (always had completely normal signs of pregnancy before, missed period etc).

I may phone the GP on Monday to see what they say but I don’t no if I’m just waiting their time for a tiny bit of milk? Has anyone else had this?

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WellIWasInTheNeighbourhoo Sat 09-May-20 12:01:02

I had this for about a decade after finishing breast feeding & expressing. Ended up getting a bit infected & had to take a mild antibiotic for a while. The advice I was given is dont squeeze, that stimulates it. If you leave it with no squeezing for long enough it will go away, mine eventually did.

StarDanced Sat 09-May-20 12:02:09

Definitely phone the gp. I had this a year after stopping breastfeeding ds, and it turned out to be a hormonal fluke. This was fully investigated by a consultant and all nasty potential causes were ruled out. However I have someone in my family who was still producing milk and it was caused by a prolactinoma (benign pituitary tumour). Easily treated with tablets and they are fine now, but it is something to monitor. Definitely no need to panic, but it is important you get it checked out.

icedancerlenny Sat 09-May-20 12:15:40

I have a prolactinoma and that was how I found out. It’s easily detected by a blood test.

Lou573 Sat 09-May-20 12:17:41

I had it investigated as a precaution but apparently it’s really really normal to still be able to produce some milk for years.

ElectricTonight Sat 09-May-20 13:20:00

I've been googling the same, my son is almost two I only breastfed for four weeks and I have while liquid come out when I squeeze. Now I'm worried I've got a tumour sad

TwoZeroTwoZero Sat 09-May-20 13:24:45

It's likely to be nothing but def see your gp. I had unexplained milk leaking; a blood test showed high levels of prolactin so I had to have a brain MRI to rule out the pituitary issue explained above. Mine was stress related, probably due to my job at the time.

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