OH constantly snoring very loudly

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Nicknamegoeshere Sat 09-May-20 01:49:31

Help! OH is on amytriptaline for back pain and this is I believe the reason why.
I'm 37 weeks' pregnant and just can't get to sleep with the noise. It is incessant and also wakes me up when I do drop off.
I know it's not his fault but it will be bound to wake baby too when she is here.
Any advice hugely appreciated.

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enragedpenfold Sat 09-May-20 01:58:43

Ear plugs.

Nicknamegoeshere Sat 09-May-20 02:01:54

@enragedpenfold But what about when baby is here? Due any day now!

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torthecatlady Sat 09-May-20 02:29:11

I feel your pain. Dh's snoring is unbearable. Currently I'm using ear plugs as I don't need to set an alarm (furloughed) but I'm close to putting a pillow over his face sleeping in the spare room.

Dh snores (slightly) less if he's on his side.

EventRider1 Sat 09-May-20 02:37:48

My husband snores like a train. I was really worried it would wake our baby when she arrived but actually she just sleeps right through it (although it bloody wakes me up!) In fact, you will probably find the newborn baby snuffling is just as annoying and will keep you awake for the first few weeks. It is literally like having a farm animal in the crib next to you 😂
We had builders in our garden today with a jackhammer going for most of the day and she slept through pretty much all of it 👌

Mymomsbetterthanyomom Sat 09-May-20 03:06:51

Separate rooms Sis....
Especially with a new precious baby coming.❤❤Congratulations btw❤❤
It doesn't have to be a permanent situation,but this is one of those times that you have to do what is best for you.And true restful sleep is just that.

Aquamarine1029 Sat 09-May-20 03:34:38

Is he obese?


IndieTara Sat 09-May-20 03:38:52

I couldn't cope with it. It's the main reason my ex is the ex, he wouldn't get it investigated and I couldn't deal with the sleep deprivation

Nicknamegoeshere Sat 09-May-20 04:23:34

@Aquamarine1029 Not at all - tall and skinny! It's definitely got worse since he's been on the medication.
@Mymomsbetterthanyomom We don't have a spare room as I have older children from my previous marriage or else I'd have turfed him out by now!
@torthecatlady I ask him to go on his side but because he's so deeply asleep he either doesn't hears me or does so but then rolls back within minutes.

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Honeybee85 Sat 09-May-20 04:27:57

I had the same problem when I was pregnant! He eventually moved to another room to help me to fall asleep but I couldn't! It was the hormonen in my case and the first night of good sleep I got after my DS was born and we took turns in taking care of him at night. Try to do naps during the day, it's a cliché but very true: try to sleep whilst you still can! Soon it will be a luxury....

Nicknamegoeshere Sat 09-May-20 04:37:30

@Honeybee85 Thank you. Yes, I've been going up for a short nap in the day (when my 10 y/o doesn't call up for me!!)
I'll be breastfeeding her for a good couple of years so OH will be getting out of the night duties as a rule.
He sleeps so deeply he'll probably be oblivious to her waking up anyway! Also this will be his first baby (and last, I'm 39) so bless him, he hasn't got a clue what's in store (probably a good job!) grin

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Honeybee85 Sat 09-May-20 04:44:55

Oh OP I feel for your DH, he's in for a surprise grin! I remember thinking before DS was born: how much work can such a little baby be? I was very naive!

Perhaps you can talk to your DD and explain to her mum will need naps during the day and she can be a helpful big sister to be if she lets mum sleep and only calls her up if it's really neccesairy?

Nicknamegoeshere Sat 09-May-20 04:56:16

@Honeybee85 Oh he is! He keeps saying he remembers looking after his niece and nephew but it's soooooo different (and they are now 17 and 20!!) It's just lovely to see him so excited now - he never thought for one second he'd be a daddy.

My youngest is very good but with the whole pandemic thing going on he is looking for quite a bit of reassurance currently. Partner is a key worker so there is only really me around to look after the other two in the day. Luckily eldest is relatively self-sufficient.

It's going to be mayhem when she's here!!!!

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Honeybee85 Sat 09-May-20 05:14:08

You will cope - somehow you'll find a way and afterwards you'll look back and ask yourself how you did it!

And it's wonderful that your DH is so excited. Just don't forget 1 thing (well intended advice) try to be patient with him once baby is born, I was in full mama bear mode and thought I knew everything better then DH which led to conflict.

I hope everything goes well for you xxx

MsChatterbox Sat 09-May-20 05:38:16

My husband is the same. And I'm 33 weeks. He has been briefed that when baby is here he will be spending most nights on the couch! Before I was heavily pregnant we actually alternated sleeping on the couch (also no spare room), but now it's too uncomfortable for me he is doing it most nights - usually from about 1:30 when my sleep is lighter and I can't sleep through it anymore!

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