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Severe PMT...

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Wilkie Mon 17-Sep-07 21:44:24

I suffer with PMDD which is a severe form of PMT. I take Citalopram for the depressive side effective of this hormonal problem but have found that although it curbs my depression, it doesn't help the irritability.

I am snappy, nasty and prickly to my DH for a good 10 days running up to my period and then for a couple of days after it starting. I don't tend to be like it with other people cos I wouldn't get away with it but DH is very understanding. I have a general feeling of wanting to hermit away and not see anyone until it has passed.

I hate myself when I am being a bitch but cannot stop myself.

What should I do? Any suggestions

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 17-Sep-07 21:47:55

Nope. No advice.

Get the self same thing myself. Admittedly not as bad as you. Have been similar myself this week.

Impairs my judgement and assessment of things tremendously.

Wilkie Mon 17-Sep-07 21:50:10

It's awful. Have had it since I was 15. Was only diagnosed 3 years ago. It's better cos the depression/anxiety has calmed with the Citalopram but the irritability is AWFUL. My poor poor DH

MorocconOil Mon 17-Sep-07 21:57:32

I've been using Agnus Castus which has made me a bit better. It took several months to kick in though.

I think yours sounds more severe than mine ever was though.

Yes your poor DH, but poor you too.

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 17-Sep-07 22:06:12

I am on Sertraline for PND, but, it doesnt really deal with the PMT.

I often dont realise that I have a problem until it has passed, iykwim?

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