I just want to be Referred

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Buttons4me Thu 07-May-20 17:39:13

So next plan is that I'm referred for a nerve conduction test for carpal tunnel and nerve damage. I know it's just a guessing game, but how long will I have to put up with this pain. No referrals currently being accepted i wish I could know how long. To be in pain for anyone is just destroying and I know it affects me in so many ways. I can't use my right hand even to do this typing out. I just wish my gp would refer me and then let the hospital arrange appointments in the future. Is it that these departments have completely closed down. Thankyou.

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huntinthehornybacktoad Thu 07-May-20 22:40:41

My osteopath has reopened for urgent and and necessary treatment.
Treating the spine and shoulder might ease your symptoms in the hand whilst you wait for the op?

huntinthehornybacktoad Thu 07-May-20 22:43:04

Evidence: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25722360

Wasail Thu 07-May-20 22:47:59

Not long now, the MHS are preparing to start routine referrals again it’s just a matter of getting all the providers ready - a lot of non urgent clinics have been closed since lockdown and need to supply evidence of ability to safely see routine patients (policies and procedures in place to keep staff and patients safe from Covid mainly)

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