What is wrong with me?

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hotstepper4 Thu 07-May-20 17:30:20

I've been experiencing some strange symptoms for quite a few months now.

I've been to the doctor and had blood tests, which showed a slightly lower levels of vitamin d, but nothing too dramatic.

I'm really not sure if my symptoms could be caused by some kind of depression, as some days, particularly when my son is here, I don't feel so bad and manage to get motivated.

However most days I am experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

General body pain, particularly in my lower legs and left shoulder.

A general feeling of weakness in my left leg, I did have major surgery on this ankle when I was 15, so it could be that due to that.

General malaise and low energy, I cannot motivate myself to do anything, and on days when I do not have DS, I would just stay in bed all day if I could. I don't sleep though, just lie there.

Pains in my teeth and face, I have asked the doctor about these before as I have was worried about trigeminal neuralgia however he told me that my pain is not severe enough to be this.

Basically I just feel like shit every day. Does anyone have any ideas?

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