Is anyone else getting headaches all the time?

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rainbowcat11 Thu 07-May-20 00:35:47

During lockdown.

I feel I am getting splitting headaches every day. Which is unusual for me.

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theneighbourswindchime Thu 07-May-20 00:39:53

YES!!!! It's really starting to get me down too sad

DuchessAnnogovia Thu 07-May-20 00:42:25

Yes!! I've had a headache for what seems like weeks now. Not totally debilitating, just constantly in the background. DH has had one too.

CrowCat Thu 07-May-20 02:00:28

Every day so far, just constant and horrible.

Maggie90 Thu 07-May-20 02:05:34

I was worrying about this today also!

Have had a head ache for last few days, I’m also sneezing all the time which is odd.

peoplepleaser1 Thu 07-May-20 02:48:03

Yes both DH and I have been waking with headaches which have persisted throughout he day.

Rosebel Thu 07-May-20 02:56:34

Me and my husband have been suffering from these too. Not sure if it's stress, dehydration or being stuck inside 99% of the time.


T0tallyFuckedUpFamily Thu 07-May-20 03:06:22

It’s the stress. It’s a similar reaction you would get if you were told that someone you love has a terminal illness. It’s that same feeling of dread of the unknown and the stress that comes with that can cause you to have dreadful headaches, confusion and even memory loss. I’m saying this, because I had that same feeling of absolute dread, confusion, memory loss and horrendous headaches that were 24 hours a day for nearly two months.

onitlikeacarbonnet Thu 07-May-20 03:37:15

Me too.
I’m periodically aware I’m clenching my teeth or holding my head rigidly. I assume I’m doing this in the night too. If I fall asleep that is. Obviously not at a respectable time given I’m replying to this thread at this time in the morning.
It’s pure tension. Not sure what to do. Would love some advice that’s not breathing or yoga related.

Honeybee85 Thu 07-May-20 04:28:08

Yes me too.

I think stress is affecting my neckmuscles which causes it.
If possible ask someone to give you a proper shoulder/neck massage. I also use plasters that work esspecially on relaxing the muscles (they smell awfully strong of mint but really work) but not sure if you can get them in the UK. And check if your pillow is still good enough or might need replacement.

Also , is there a possibility you drink a lot less coffee since working from home?
If your body is used to cafeine and doesn't it's 'daily dose' it might cause headaches too.

Blurpblorp Thu 07-May-20 04:32:44

OMG yes... And @onitlikeacarbonnet I could've written your part about the teeth clenching: I'm doing this constantly without noticing. It's just awful, like a knot of tension in the middle of my head. Wish it would go away...

Aquamarine1029 Thu 07-May-20 04:36:33

Low vitamin D levels might be to blame.

noodlezoodle Thu 07-May-20 05:14:46

Could be all of the things previous posters have mentioned, but also if you have recently started working from home instead of in an office, it could be your desk set up. If you are sat all day on a non-office chair or don't have a monitor/screen at eye height, that can easily cause a lot of shoulder and neck problems that lead to headaches.

Borntobeamum Thu 07-May-20 14:57:32

Oh how happy I am to read this. I’m waking with a headaches almost every day. It’s when I sit down quietly. It seems to start again.
If I’m kept buy, ie cleaning or baking I’m not aware of it until I stop.
I’m loathe to take pain relief.
I’d convinced myself it was a rain rumour after having colon cancer last year. I’m also waiting for scan results to ensure I’m still in remission.
The stress and anxiety is real 🥴

Borntobeamum Thu 07-May-20 14:58:20

Rain rumour = brain Rumour 🤦‍♀️

Borntobeamum Thu 07-May-20 14:58:41

Bloody hell.
Brain Tumour!

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