Post coital bleeding and gynae appointment

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Powergower Wed 06-May-20 12:44:33

I've recently had bleeding after sex, not every time but usually around early to mid cycle. I'm mid 40s. I've also had really bad back pain when I've had the bleeding and a sore left leg and tender tummy. I've quickly gained about a stone in the last 6 month's with no real change in diet and tend to have a bloated tummy all the time. I'd put the bloating down to the weight gain.

After umming and aahing for months, and conscious of the covid emergency, I rang my gp this week. A clinical practitioner nurse rang me back discussed my symptoms, told me my smear in 2018 was clear, and said she would refer me to the gynae clinic. She said the clinic was closed with a huge backlog but someone would ring me at some point. This could take a few months. After the call I might be invited in to clinic when it starts functioning properly again for an internal check up.

I'm not one to catatrophise, but since the call with her I've been worried. I feel like something feels wrong and it might be months and months before I get seen. I'm hoping it's just something simple like cervical erosion but we have a history of cervical cancer in my family, and being in lockdown has made me feel quite vulnerable. Has anyone had the above symptoms and received a diagnosis? If so what was it and when do you think gynae clinics will start running again?

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Powergower Wed 06-May-20 12:46:08

Argh! Sorry that should say post coital bleeding, I've asked mn to change. Body auto correct.

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