Are GP surgeries doing any blood tests right now?

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tillyteatowel Wed 06-May-20 00:32:00

Sorry if a stupid question but I have no idea and going on my GP surgery website hasn’t helped.

I had a phone consultation with a hospital specialist today. They are going to write and ask my GP to redo some blood tests, and I didn’t think to ask if my GP surgery would be able to carry that out at the moment.

I feel stupid but I don’t know what to expect really. I imagine it will take time for the letter to go to my GP anyway, but wondered if anyone knows the situation right now in general?

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Nodrog10 Wed 06-May-20 00:37:44

I had a blood test today - I phoned my surgery and told them what test I wanted as advised by my hospital specialist - this was last Friday and I was given an appointment for today. I was told that my results will be available this Thursday and the results will be sent to my specialist and to me. I hope that helps ... Good luck.

Imohsotired Wed 06-May-20 00:49:37

Mine too. I was told when to come in, ring from car in arrival and then nurse collected me when they are ready. My temperature was checked in the car park too.

tillyteatowel Wed 06-May-20 00:51:51

Thanks both! Really helpful to know.

It’s non-Covid related in case that wasn’t clear.

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chipsandpeas Wed 06-May-20 00:55:55

i had mine taken today for my yearly thyroid test - the nurse said that was one of the ones they had to still do

you could always call and ask your GP if they will do them once they get the letter

tillyteatowel Wed 06-May-20 01:00:42

Thanks all!

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Nonotmenori Wed 06-May-20 01:15:32

I had a blood test today. Granted I'm having chemo, but they decided yesterday I'm not to come into the hospital now for it, but to drive 10 miles to a boots car park and St. John's ambulance will take my blood. I also had to call from the car and they came and collected me smile


emmathedilemma Wed 06-May-20 10:17:48

oh that's interesting. I'm due to a follow-up one to check on some numbers that weren't quite normal a few months ago. I'd assumed they wouldn't be doing them but reading this I might give my surgery a ring!

tillyteatowel Wed 06-May-20 10:26:27

@Nonotmenori this is also to avoid a trip to hospital. That sounds like a useful system smile

@emmathedilemma might be worth giving them a shout - even if they can’t do it now maybe they can book you in a provisional date?

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tillyteatowel Wed 06-May-20 10:26:55

PS I don’t drive so have no concept of whether 10 miles is a pain or not sorry!

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