Black line down thumb

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Buttons4me Tue 05-May-20 16:47:56

I will attach a picture. I noticed this a week ago wondering what it was and googled black line down thumb. I think it'd only be a concern if it went all the way down my thumb. I haven't been out, done any gardening nothing like that. Thankyou.

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LadyofTheManners Tue 05-May-20 16:51:20

If in doubt, get it checked.

I know everyone is of the opinion you can't get to see anyone unless it's covid related but that's not the case. It can be a sign of something serious, it could just as easily be a bruise from something else you barely registered at the time.

But if in doubt, check it out.

Greenteandchives Tue 05-May-20 16:52:44

Could be a splinter haemorrhage. I get them sometimes.

FlamingoAndJohn Tue 05-May-20 16:55:19

Almost certainly nothing but it can be a sign of melanoma I believe. Get it checked.

LordOftheRingz Tue 05-May-20 16:57:31

Yes its called a splinter hemorrage. I have one at the moment. The NHS says that if you have one or two on one finger its generally down to trauma. If you have them on more than one finger it could be down to underlying issues. Don't fall in to the trap that its a heart issue as I have researched and splinter haemorrhages for this generally appear when you are very ill, and you would have sought medical advice already.

I have looked into the cancer side and usually cancer starts from the bottom of the nail. They usually grow out, but like other said, if I doubt get check. Mine is growing out but another appeared just below, but I a forever bashing that finger and trapping it. Im keeping an eye out.

Buttons4me Tue 05-May-20 16:58:48

Many thanks for quick replies. I wondered what it was and googled black line down thumb and it does need to be checked out but it showed pictures of the black line going all the way down the thumb nail. Is it possible to get a splinter haemorrhage for no reason? Thankyou.

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mynamesmrdiggety Tue 05-May-20 16:59:53

I get them loads, sometimes from biting my nails I think bit sometimes jsut from filing them!


mynamesmrdiggety Tue 05-May-20 17:01:18

Leave it a week and see if it starts to grow out before doing anything about it.

LordOftheRingz Tue 05-May-20 17:02:11

From NHS under nail issues.

Dark streaks under the fingernail that are about 1 to 3mm in size are usually splinter haemorrhages. These are lines of blood caused by tiny damaged blood vessels. Just a few splinters under 1 nail is nothing to worry about and is most likely a result of the nail being injured.

But if a few nails are affected, these splinters may be a sign of another condition, such as:

lupus (a long-term condition that causes inflammation of the joints, skin and other organs)
psoriasis (a skin condition that causes red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales)
endocarditis (an infection of the heart valves)

Buttons4me Tue 05-May-20 17:04:23

I noticed it a week ago. I will give it another week and see if it is still there. Thankyou for quick replies.

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LordOftheRingz Tue 05-May-20 17:13:28

Mines been growing out over the last 3 weeks, initially I think it was a trauma, why the second one appeared is a mystery, but I do know the area is sore generally as I trapped the same finger 3 times last week.

LordOftheRingz Tue 05-May-20 17:14:03

oh they can take a good month to grow out, but mines can be seen in the top of the nail where you cut now.

Isadora2007 Tue 05-May-20 17:17:55

If in doubt, check it out. Don’t leave it for weeks- please contact your Gp.

Buttons4me Tue 05-May-20 17:33:26

Thankyou so much for your help and replies. Obviously when I googled black line down thumb nail and melanoma came up but then pictures show the black line going all the way down the thumb nail, where as mine is only half way down. I haven't had any injury or trauma to that thumb that could of caused a splinter haemorrhage, but maybe it has happened for no reason too.

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LordOftheRingz Wed 06-May-20 23:25:25

The NHS nail issue guide shows clearly what a splinter haemorrhage is and says, one or two on one nail is nothing to worry about. More on the nails is to be checked.

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