Anyone seen gynaecologist for menstrual migraine?

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Earlgrey19 Sun 03-May-20 14:08:33

Has anyone seen a gynaecologist for menstrual migraine? I'm wondering if it's a better option than GP/neurologist? I know I'd probably have to pay and go for a private appointment.

I get a lot of migraines: lately a couple a week. I've been seeing my GP for over a year about it, but expertise feels a bit limited. I recently tried Propranolol as a preventative but got very low heart rate and hated it. Now I'm getting periods every 14-21 days and the migraine frequency has increased as my cycles have got shorter. It's clear that there is a link. Wondering if a gynaecologist could have more tailored treatment plan (maybe taking hormones, or taking drugs specifically around the time of my period, although the new irregularity makes it hard to predict when it's due...). Thanks.

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