Uterus Prolapse - please help

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StillMedusa Mon 04-May-20 01:01:07

How old is your baby? Asking because it can take a while after birth for a mild prolapse to 'settle'..it Can improve over time as the body repairs!

On the other hand if it making daily life miserable and you are suffering back pain then I'd be inclined to get it fixed sooner (and go for a C section next time)
I had a prolapse.. well three actually after my last baby.. vagina, bowel and bladder. It was miserable and as I had hideous periods too, I had a hysterectomy. That solved the vagina and I have learned to live with the rest as the symptoms dont bother me (other than a non functioning bowel managed with meds)

You don't have to live with it, but you may have to push for treatment ,

I don't miss my womb one bit, but I had finished my family.

user1497873278 Sun 03-May-20 14:47:31

I have this and saw a consultant privately, he said it’s best to just push it back up and put up with it for now as a repair op isn’t a great option, it feels uncomfortable and I’m constantly pushing it back up so I know how you feel

Rosebud8756 Sun 03-May-20 11:48:00

Hi there,

I’m looking for some advice/guidance from any mums who have experience of what I’m currently experiencing....

I have suffered a prolapse following the birth of my baby. I had a long labour but was fine (other than soreness of course!) until a few weeks after giving birth when I noticed a bulge coming out of my vagina!! I was mortified and terrified. I saw the GP who pretty much brushed it off and said to give my body time to heal, I was then referred to women’s health physio who gave me pelvic floor exercises - I could hold pelvic floor muscles easily and when examined the physio said my pelvic floor muscles were strong! The exercises actually made the symptoms worse. I was then she to GP for referral to gynaecologist, GP tried pessaries but couldn’t get one to stay in place. Had my telephone app with gynaecologist recently and he seemed to find it bemusing that I was experiencing this after first baby at my age (I’m 28).

I’m finding this so hard emotionally and physically. It feels as though I have a tampon coming out my vagina, it’s worse randomly throughout the month, to the point where I can’t sit comfortably sometimes. I also experience really bad back pain after standing for more than 2 minutes.

I feel disgusting. My self esteem has been low since being pregnant (boyfriend wouldn’t have sex with me whilst pregnant as found it ‘odd’) and although he says the prolapse doesn’t bother him and he can’t tell at all when we are having sex, I just feel so unattractive.

I want more children but I’m terrified of how worse my symptoms will get if I am to fall pregnant without having had the op but also a failure of any repair surgery if I have it before another pregnancy (gyanecologist said they would reoperate after another pregnancy but less successfully?). I’ve also read that there is an increase chance in miscarriage or early labour when there is a prolapse of uterus.

I’m only young and feel like I’m about 85yrs old. Can any professionals/fellow mummies share any advice/own experiences. All the other mums I know around me haven’t had any problems like this and I feel so alone.

Thank you

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