Sickness and tiredness

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bananallamas Sat 02-May-20 10:10:42

Just wondering if anyone has any idea what this might be... for about a week now I have been feeling extremely nauseous especially in the mornings. I also feel really tired, I feel less sick if I lie down. I don't think it's something wrong with my stomach as I haven't been sick and although I feel nauseous I'm still able to eat and enjoy food. It's so much like morning sickness.

Possible factors:

I'm still breastfeeding DD 16 months and she sleeps terribly. I'm exhausted and she is feeding a lot at the moment as she's teething.

My periods came back at Xmas. I'm due my period but my cycles are a bit all over the place. My DH and I are having (occasional) unprotected sex as we were thinking of trying for baby number 2. I did get pregnant in Feb but had a MC at 7 weeks. However we've only done it twice this month and I've taken two pregnancy tests, both negative. But again maybe this has contributed to hormones being all over the place?

I wonder if I'm low in iron as I don't eat meat and don't take a multivitamin. However nothing has changed in my diet recently. But after the MC I have had two very heavy periods. Although not sure why I'd suddenly start feeling sick now.

I also wondered about a thyroid issue.

Any other ideas? I'm not sure if i should speak to my doctor as I don't want to bother them with something maybe very minor.

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