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Nikki360 Fri 01-May-20 20:23:30

Hi I'm going through a difficult time mentally right now. I suffer from health anxiety and it's pretty awful. My main concern is cancer especially breast cancer. My mum had breast cancer at age 52 she had a lumpectomy and was on tamoxifen for five years. 16 years later she found out she had it again ( same breast) this time they did a bigger op and she had chemo radiation and herceptin plus medication. I've always known that their is a risk for me. I was 19 when she had it first. I've always also known my grans half sister had breast cancer twice. She didn't die of it. So I've always been uneasy about it but dealt with it. However this last week I've found out that my grans half sister who had breast cancers daughter had it age 59. Then I found out my mums full cousin my grans brothers daughter had it just now age 71. Then I remembered something my mum told me years ago that my gran had a lump removed from her breast in the 1960s but that it was a cyst or something not cancer because they said if it was they would do a mastectomy. They didn't. However now I'm questioning this and I'm absolutely petrified. My mental health has gone crazy and I'm back taking diazepam. Can anyone give any advice/experience etc x Thankyou

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lydia7986 Sat 02-May-20 02:07:46

Call your GP surgery and make a phone call appointment to discuss your anxiety about this with them. They should be able to offer some really practical advice.

Nikki360 Sat 02-May-20 08:41:03

Thankyou I will do that appreciate you replying

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