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CoconutGal Thu 30-Apr-20 17:10:38

After 10 years I've been diagnosed with possible migralepsy. Which is where a migraine happens & then follows into a seizure. The trouble is all I'm getting is migraines. It's ruined my day today. I went to be with one coming on so took pain relief & went to bed. Woke up feeling fine, within 3 hours, migraine. Ate breakfast, took meds, been drinking water all day. The pain dulled so I went for a walk. Then it came back again. This time it was noise sensitive & light sensitive so I shut myself in my room, put my eye mask on & managed to fall asleep for half an hour. Woke up, felt wonderful. Now it's a dull pain again.

I usually get the pain on the right side & behind my eye & that's about it. I'm frustrated because whilst I'm used to headaches the pain is so different to a headache. Anyone else have experience of migralepsy or migraines?

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