Small cyst on stomach - advice wanted

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ldnstb123 Wed 29-Apr-20 22:00:18

I have had a small cyst on my stomach for about a year now, i went to the doctors last year but as I was pregnant they could not give me anything for it and couldn't do anything about it.

I have now had my baby and was just wondering if anybody can tell me if they've had the same thing and what treatment they had or if they had to get it surgically removed etc? I will be making another appointment with my GP when normal appointments become available and it is safe to do so.

My cyst is the size of a pea and is hard under the skin, I know I shouldn't have but I've tried popping a few months ago and nothing comes out at all it's just really under my skin. I've attached a picture... if anyone can help me or give me any advice I'd appreciate it! It's really getting me down and has made me very self conscious of my body and it rubs on my clothing and causes irritation and I just want rid of it to be honest!

Sorry for the long post!!

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