(Photo inc) What are these indentical patches on my feet?

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Healthquestion101 Wed 29-Apr-20 07:52:14

Apologies for the feet photo!
I've had these light brown patches on both my feet for over a year. They don't itch or hurt. I'd originally thought they were marks from my trainers but I no longer have them so.... anyone had similar?

Thanks so much.

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Lavenderpurple Wed 29-Apr-20 07:56:52

Do you spend a lot of time kneeling on the floor? Small children perhaps? Or a job requiring lots of kneeling?
That often creates marks when the skin is always touching the floor.

ElizabethMainwaring Wed 29-Apr-20 08:01:28

I've had those in the past, only higher up, nearer the ankle. Does if feel rough to the touch? I always assumed it was friction. It happened at a time when I did a lot of drawing sitting on the floor and was a TA, so that ties in with what Lavenderpurple said.

Healthquestion101 Wed 29-Apr-20 08:25:44

I do have two young children so that makes sense. Always clearing up etc. Maybe that's it... I'll try exfoliating them and see what happens!

Thank you

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wonderrotunda Wed 29-Apr-20 08:53:33

Yes I had those for years until kneeling on the floor became too painful...I now have a dodgy hip and beautifully smooth feet!

Healthquestion101 Wed 29-Apr-20 08:59:59

I also have a dodgy left hip! Only early 40's falling apart... grin

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