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7 month old with tonsilitis please help!

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Vmama Sun 16-Sep-07 16:31:44

My 7 month old has been diagnosed with tonsilitis. He's been sick several times over the last week and has high temperature. I'm trying to stick to the advice I was given -still giving him all milk and solid feeds with antibiotics and calpol as necessary. But he's struggling to keep things down and is still being sick. I'm also giving cooled boiled water. Just wanted to check if this is right and how long before he will start to feel better. Also can he go to nursery on abs? I've only just returned to work and already had to take time off as he was sent home from nursery last week with sickness.

354kidz Sun 16-Sep-07 21:51:42

oh my god i think thats awful at such a young age i mean my nephew who is only 3 (suffered with tonsils since 1)has now got to have them taken out next week!!!Antibiotics last 7 days dont they so should start workin after 2/3 days so he would still be sick as tonsils r inflamed but see how he goes after 3 days as should be keeping some foods down as shouldnt be so swollen.
hope all goes well...

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