Hayfever / Maybe Allergic Asthma

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KoalasandRabbit Mon 27-Apr-20 13:47:17

I've experienced what I assume is hayfever over past couple of years which got massively worse when we got an indoor rabbit due to hay and at times last year I was struggling to breathe with it. When everywhere was completely hoovered and rabbit was moved away from me I just had cough / hayfever type symptoms and could breathe normally.

I've had a continuous cough since then with a couple of fevers over past couple of months (normal for me). Cough is bringing up a lot of clear mucus and gets very annoying. My airways are starting to feel closed in which is making me feel sick. Past few days I've had chest pains with it. Can breathe fine. Feeling drowsy and dizzy past couple of days. Everyone else is well and I've not been out for past month or two so pretty sure it's not covid. Heart was checked last year after having similar pains a few times and fine. The pain appears related to coughing and is right in centre of me top half.

I am mid 40s so it's possible the pain is peri-menopause, when I got it last year it often came when I felt very hot as well. Do you think if I call GP there is anything they can do? Or anything I can buy? Thanks. Tried anti-histamines and may help a little but no real change.

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