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Keegansmith Mon 27-Apr-20 08:01:33

My daughter is three weeks old and a few days ago started making a grunting/ throat clearing noise. Gradually shes been doing it more and more to the point where its waking her up everytime she falls asleep. I spoke to a doctor who said it was colic and called my midwife today and she had never heard a baby make this noise before therefore cant say what's wrong. I dont know what to do my poor baby hasnt slept all day yesterday or hardly anything last night and is exhausted 😪..
Any one else had this problem ??

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Lightsabre Mon 27-Apr-20 08:52:41

I don't know but bumping for you.thanks

N12345625 Mon 27-Apr-20 09:00:29

I would ring the doctor just to be sure.
However, most likely it will be normal. I remember my daughter being a few weeks old and making so many odd grunting noises at night from about 1am and it kept waking her. It just went by itself.

Keegansmith Mon 27-Apr-20 18:35:58

Been to the doctor today and everything seems perfectly fine. How old was your little one when it went ? She doesnt cry so I know it cant be hurting her I just wish I could stop it for her

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