Why so sickly when tired?

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Blossom4538 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:00:24

Hi all,

Does anyone know why I feel so nauseous when I don’t get enough sleep? Really sickly!

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JemilyJ Mon 27-Apr-20 21:58:16

I get this too. No idea why!

InMySpareTime Tue 28-Apr-20 06:23:04

When you're exhausted your body diverts blood away from the stomach to vital organs, which means food is not digested. You feel sick because that's the logical thing for a stomach to do when it's low on blood flow.

MortyFide Tue 28-Apr-20 06:31:34

I've suffered this all my life, thought it was just me! It's a horrible feeling, nothing takes it away (apart from sleep, obviously). There seems to be a fine line between coping fine with just 4-5 hours, but feeling sick as a dog all day if I get less than 2 hours (much more common when I was young and stayed out all night, now its just if I can't sleep).

I can't really "nap" either, a 30 minute snooze gives me the exact same feeling - as does being woken up suddenly from a deep sleep, or waking with a start just as I'm dropping off.

I've been through phases of feeling deathly nauseous every night for weeks just as I'm feeling sleepy enough to doze off. Luckily that comes and goes.

I understand the blood flow thing, but as an entirely non-sicky person I'm bemused as to why I have such frequent nausea associated with the grey area between awake/asleep.

Fishcakey Tue 28-Apr-20 06:40:24

I am the same. It's yuk. I can't nap in the day either as I wake up feeling sick.

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