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Flute56 Sat 25-Apr-20 11:10:03

About a week ago I was doing some housework which involved climbing up to dust the top of my wardrobe. I climbed up on a chair and as I was dusting I fell off and went crashing onto the floor. I was shaken up obviously but felt not too bad except for a bruised knee. I fell to the floor with such force that my neighbour came to see if I was ok. I said yes and I went about my day. I have been having some pain under my let arm and I think it is a result of the fall. It feels like I have sprained a muscle or something. I am taking painkillers but it does not seem to be getting any better. It is worse at night because the angle I lay means I am laying on it and that makes it sore. I do not know if I should seek medical advice. I am taking a combination of Ibruprofen and ordinary painkillers and although they mask the pain at the time, it comes back. The only other time I had such a all, I broke a bone and I have definately not broken a bone this time but due to the intensity of the fall, done some damage to a tendon or muscle and wondered how long it would take to feel better

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