Can anyone tell me what this is (**pic of skin condition attached)

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NmChangry Fri 24-Apr-20 16:14:03

I'm hoping someone can advise me.

I have been on my GP surgeries website and there is huge red letters saying not to call unless you are seriously ill / need urgent help etc.

This started about a month ago as small patches that I barely noticed. Thought it was a heat rash or something.

But it's just getting worse and worse. It's spreading to my chest now.

I have no history of skin conditions - eczema, psoriasis etc.

Can anyone tell me what this is likely to be, and if I should call the surgery and see if I can send a photo or if maybe a pharmacist could help me?


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HotMessMama Fri 24-Apr-20 16:24:46

Hi there,

Is this raised or itchy??
I have a skin condition called tinea versicolor, which is neither raised or itchy and it looks a lot like this. It’s a harmless fungus that lives on the skin and can be controlled with hydrocortisone cream.
I am not a doctor though so I would still seek medical advice x

HotMessMama Fri 24-Apr-20 16:28:07

Sorry I’m sure the word fungus would’ve just freaked you out, it doesn’t mean you’re unclean and other people can’t catch it.
Hope you get it sorted x

Cuddling57 Fri 24-Apr-20 16:32:13

Ring your doctor or visit a pharmacist. Don't leave it if It's getting worse.

Happyspud Fri 24-Apr-20 16:39:12

Looks like a fungal infection I’ve had this last month. Mine was a good bit smaller. Finally treated it at home (sister is a GP and advised which of the many creams I have here from the kids to use). 2 runs of cream and it’s gone. But get a GP appointment to at least send them the pics. Could be easily solved but you don’t want something spreading unchecked!

DC3dilemma Fri 24-Apr-20 16:41:40

Pityriasis versicolor. Your pharmacist should be able to give you some antifungal wash, like Selsun shampoo which will get rid.

Longdistance Fri 24-Apr-20 16:42:56

Yes to fungal skin. It’s the heat that’s probably brought it out. I used to get it as a teenager.


Chaotica Fri 24-Apr-20 16:43:16

Not a doctor, but one of the DC had something like this. As poster above said, it was diagnosed as tinea versicolour and Daktacort cream cleared it up. It comes back though.

NmChangry Fri 24-Apr-20 16:45:37

Thank you all!

I'll drop into the pharmacist tomorrow and see if they have anything.

Just wasn't sure as I didn't want to call with all the warnings on the website, and wasn't sure if it would be seen as essential to go to pharmacy etc.

This has put my mind at ease smile

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MattBerrysHair Fri 24-Apr-20 16:47:08

Looks like pitoriasis rosea. I had this about 10 years ago. It started as a small 'herald' patch on my arm then spread everywhere else apart from my face and hands. It lasted about 5 months. It's viral and not dangerous.

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