11 year old bad breath

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mumof32015 Thu 23-Apr-20 17:52:09

My 11 year old daughter has really bad breath. A few years ago a GP diagnosed it as oral thrush, because when it is really bad she has a thick white yellow layer on her tongue.
A few weeks ago it was particularly bad, and so I bought her a tube of daktarin but it only lasts 2 day's and it just partiality clears it up. We tried to get a week's worth of it from the doctor's (something she has been given before.) But another doctor was on and she was adamant that it's not thrush, and the fact daktarin made it better was just a coincidence.
We have had about a month now of her tongue being clear, and now it's started to come back again and her breath really smells again. She brushes her teeth twice a day, she uses a tongue scraper and I have been making her drink plenty of water.
Our dentist has told us it is not her teeth, as she has very good oral hygiene. I don't know what else to do, has anyone got any advice? If it's not thrush would daktarin actually do anything? It's honestly the only thing that seems to stop the bad breath. I am hoping to resolve the issue before she starts high school.

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Ryah1 Fri 01-May-20 07:59:19

I would take your daughter back to the GP. If it’s not dental then cause has to me medical. It doesn’t sound like that particular GP was very helpful, perhaps request a second opinion? Also It may be worth asking the GP if the cause could be gastrointestinal?

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