The skin on my hands

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anothernotherone Thu 23-Apr-20 09:15:02

Does anyone know what this is? It actually hurts - it's itchy and simultaneously burning.

I'm working in adult social care and washing my hands incredibly frequently - our wider employer has dozens of Corona cases and has had five deaths, though none in our setting.

Over the last 3 months my hands seem to have aged about 30 years! I'm in my late 40s but they suddenly look like the hands of someone in their 80s! The red bumpy, scaly, itchy, burning patches are new though.

Every moisturizer I've tried seems to actually make them worse.

I'm also massively stressed as I'm homeschooling 3 kids (abroad with no fluffy messages about doing what we can, instead dire warnings about our responsibility as parents and the consequences of falling behind). I'm also supposedly studying myself, in my second language, almost at the end with finals at the end of May - my studying is barely happening as I'm mentally exhausted, but it's additional stress hanging over me. So I am unsure whether the rash could be a stress thing or a hand washing thing.

Weirdly I had one patch on my foot, bit that has gone.

Anyone know what it is and crucially what I can do about it? A cream that won't make it worse? I can't cut down on hand washing with soap, and gloves seem to make it worse too.

It's impacting my mood and my sleep because it burns and itches all of the time.


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