Smelling woodsmoke

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tinkywinkyshandbag Wed 22-Apr-20 22:02:06

I quite often can smell woodsmoke, like burning. No one else can smell it. No other symptoms or headaches or anything. I seem to remember this is a sign of a brain tumour or am I imagining that? Hardly seems worth a drs visit!

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Imboredinthehouse Wed 22-Apr-20 22:53:49

Ooh I clicked on this because I had this for months and months a couple of years ago, drove me nuts. I made the mistake of googling & was convinced I had a brain tumour. I can’t remember where I saw a response now but there was some very logical explanation for it & I forgot about it. It went.
It returned recently & made me think about the brain tumour thing BUT I had an MRI due to a facial nerve thing in Feb , the results have been delayed for several weeks but I just had a letter saying ‘MRI unremarkable’ so it clearly wasn’t a brain tumour then or recently.
If I manage to find the explanation rather than brain tumour I will post it. However if you are worried do speak to a Dr, for reassurance if nothing else. They would rather speak to people than have them be worried, honestly.

Imboredinthehouse Wed 22-Apr-20 23:13:02


I smell the smoke mostly when I’m in bed trying to sleep. It’s maddening but I know it went before so I’m sure it will eventually go & after an MRI I know I don’t have a tumour -despite me being sure they would have discovered one before I got the results!

Is your sight test up to date? I’m asking because I know of someone who put it off for several year, had headaches, booked a sight test & the optician saw a tumor during the eye exam when they do the close up look with the light. She was in the hospital by the end of the day.

Do phone & book a telephone consultation with the dr if you are concerned. Worrying about your health keeps you awake at night, it’s awful, so do speak to someone, they would rather you phoned to discuss these worries than become ill through stress about it.

tinkywinkyshandbag Thu 23-Apr-20 11:17:13

Hi thank you yes it is annoying more than anything. I have had my eyes tested recently yes. No headaches or anything else untoward. I'm not anxious about my health generally, and think if it was something serious there would be other symptoms. Just a puzzle. Thanks for the link though.

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WomenArePeople Thu 23-Apr-20 11:23:18

For me it is a symptom of depression and it (the smell) gets worse the week before my period starts, even if I'm not feeling down.

tinkywinkyshandbag Thu 23-Apr-20 22:18:43

Hi thanks, well I'm probably post menopausal so not hormone related I don't think. I've been noticing it more lately so maybe it is stress related. I think I will ask the dr about it when things settle down but not worth it just now, no referrals or investigations seem to be happening at the moment anyway.

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