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Pins & needles / numbness in arms any ideas

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albatross Sat 15-Sep-07 00:41:26

For a couple of months I have been waking up with pins and needles in my arms and numb hands. sometimes I wake during the night to intense pain in my arms has anyone got any ideas what could be causing this?
I fall asleep on my front and always wake up half way down the bed if this has any significance. Should I get myself checked out or am I just getting old?

hatwoman Sat 15-Sep-07 00:46:28

unless it's obviously normal cutting off of circulation becaseu of how you;re lying (and I'm guessig not) you should probbaly get it checked

albatross Sat 15-Sep-07 00:53:28

Thanks hatwoman I have been ignoring it but it isn't getting any better. I had a minor back injury many years ago and thought it might be conected but I am not getting any off the back ache etc I had previously.

vole3 Sat 15-Sep-07 01:57:53

Sounds like carpal tunnel problem to me. Go see your GP and they may refer you for an orthopaedic opinion.

lounan Sat 15-Sep-07 05:33:10

Had this after car accident 6 years ago went to doctors and diagnosed carpal tunnel.Had steroid injections,wrist bands and physio
Nothing worked, i refused an operation as i had a new born
Went to see a acupuncturist/physio and felt better within 2 visits.Appartently was from very bad whip lash, took 18months to go but was well worth it.

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